Myrna Wasjman-Lewis developed the instrument in the early 1990s, using the psychological models of the eminent psychologist Richard Erskine as a basis.

There are a number of people LifePi would like to acknowledge: Thomas A Harris for I'm OK You're OK (Random House, UK, 1967); Ian Stewart and Vann Joines for TA Today (A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis Lifespace Publishing, UK, 1987); Richard G Erskine, Transference and Transactions: Critique from an Intrapsychic and Interactive perspective (Transactional Analysis Journal 21, 63-76. 1991); Marion Milner, A Life of One's Own (Chatto & Windus, London, 75, 1934).

Thousands of professionals in Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe and Southern Africa helped develop and test what was then called Management Insight. In 2000, the instrument was converted into a web-based questionnaire and renamed LifePi. It is owned by YSA (Pty) Limited and is currently available in a web-based and manual format.