LifePi is a personal development tool. The process begins with an in-depth questionnaire that identifies - swiftly and effectively - your unique behavioural patterns at work.

Unlike many instruments, for example psychometric tests, LifePi does not put you into a 'category' or 'classify' you. It does not 'evaluate' your 'scores' in relation to norm group data.

Instead, it provides a unique description of how you respond to your work environment, a set of assumptions and a 'behavioural fingerprint' that applies to you and you alone.

This is immensely powerful. The people who have done LifePi find that the experience is profound. Their LifePi reports are something they refer to over and over, year after year. By identifying the repetitive behavioural patterns behind their interactions with others - both those that serve them and those that restrain them - LifePi helps them make conscious choices towards fulfilling their full potential - as individuals and as teams.

Of course, this is a life-long journey. But self-mastery begins with self-discovery.