The integrity of the LifePi instrument is maintained through a team of highly skilled, professional analysts, specially trained Clinical Psychologist supervisors, and accredited LifePi consultants.

The technique has undergone rigorous and repeated reliability and validity assessments by Professor Peter Fridjhon and Professor Andrew Thatcher from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, since the mid 2000s.

Based on these assessments of more than 300 LifePi reports, from multiple analysts, LifePi has consistently been found to demonstrate sound psychometric properties.

These assessments have included:

Continuous assessment of inter- and intra-rater reliability of the LifePi analysts, to ensure that there is sufficient consistency between analysts (i.e. to ensure that a client will get the same feedback regardless of which analyst compiled the report or when a specific analyst was asked to compile the report); and

Comparisons with other related psychometric assessments on the market.

The results of the reliability and validity assessments have been reported back to the LifePi organisation, in order to inform training and self-development of the LifePi analysts, supervisors and consultants.

The development and improvement of LifePi is a continual process to ensure that the instrument can add insight and value to each individual client.